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RevHub is the HUB that REVS the effectiveness and scale of social enterprises.

Imagine if you could...

…harness the human spirit of innovation. Spark the imagination to conceive a better world. Solve the world’s greatest social and environmental problems by inspiring a sustainable movement of innovation. Illuminate pathways so all entrepreneurs can give life to their ideas, achieve their potential, and elevate their family and their community.

Imagine if diversity was a door, not a barrier, to creating sustainable businesses that solved social and environmental challenges. And what if we could do all that, right here, in Orange County? 

We’re here to announce you don’t have to imagine any longer! 

Since 2019, RevHub has led a social impact movement that is changing the way we think, talk, and invest, making the world a better place today and for generations to come. Already, thought-leaders and influencers from every impact-driven sector – business, research, non-profit, and government – have joined us in forming and developing  conditions where social enterprises are thriving and creating impact at scale. 

This is the future of business. Will you join us? 

Our Guiding Vision

RevHub creates the conditions where entrepreneurs can solve our world’s most pressing societal and environmental problems.

Our Strategy

RevHub is a social purpose company. Our vision is to create a thriving social enterprise startup ecosystem with three strategic aims:


Build an ecosystem of key stakeholders in government agencies, NGOs, research institutions, and the private sector who are committed to sustainable, scalable social innovation.


Deliver cutting-edge insights and a solid impact network to new and existing ventures through our incubation and acceleration hubs. To date, we’ve supported 30+ companies and screened 150+.


Mobilize and deploy catalytic capital (including public sector funds, philanthropy, and impact-first capital) to support missions and de-risk investments in the very early stages of ideation, exploration, pre-seed, and seed. To date, we’ve raised over $11 million.

How We Do It

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Inspiration + Ideation

Illuminate pathways and eliminate barriers to entrepreneurship through (outreach) exploration and ideation.

Business Incubation

Provide impact entrepreneurs with guidance and tools necessary to build, test, and grow successful social enterprises. 

Capital Investment

Invest through RevFund, our impact-first seed fund, in for-profit, scalable social enterprises with potential for global impact. 

Key Stakeholders

We accelerate impact by connecting four key stakeholders:

Impact Entrepreneurs

Mission-driven entrepreneurs committed to solving social and environmental challenges through innovative, scalable businesses

Inspiration Sponsors

Community members, government agencies, research institutions, businesses, and non-profits needing solutions to urgent problems

Expert Advisors

Professionals with specialized knowledge, experience, and social capital to assess and accelerate impact and scale

Impact Investors

Financiers who prioritize social and environmental impact alongside financial returns, supporting ventures that drive positive change

Our Team

Stephan Erkelens


Carma Lacy

Executive Director | Ecosystem Building

Juan Carrillo

Hub Director

Julie Cranston

Executive Director | RevFund

Chris Karr

Project Lead – Climate Action Business Incubator (CABI)

Tim Shaw

Founding Partner

Chris Baiocchi

Director of Development

Joe Padilla

Advisor Navigator

Jennifer Yturralde

Incubation Navigator

Jenalyn Santos

Community Navigator

Bracy Fuentes

Ideation Navigator

Glenn Parrish

Founding Partner

Peter Nelson

Founding Partner

Our Values

Our values act as the “true north” that directs everything we do at RevHub. 


We prioritize creation of positive social or environmental impact. This means our primary goal is to foster enterprises that seek to solve social or environmental issues, rather than simply generating profit.


We foster a culture of collaboration and partnership, helping stakeholders work together, share resources, and build networks.


We believe in and champion the inherent worth and value of all individuals. This ensures they have agency over their own decisions, their contributions are valued, and they are provided with opportunities that respect their dignity and well-being.


We empower entrepreneurs, giving them the confidence, skills, and resources needed to succeed. We promote enterprises that empower employees, customers, and communities.


We seek out, welcome, and value people from all backgrounds and experiences. This leads to a richer, more creative environment, and ensures that solutions are relevant to a broad range of people.



We value and encourage the entrepreneurial mindset, which prioritizes innovative thinking above all.

Impact Hub

The world’s premier organization building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale, pioneering social enterprise workspaces, startup support and programs/events. RevHub’s official affiliation with Impact Hub brings their global resources to Orange County for the first time.

UCI Beall Applied Innovation

The innovation and entrepreneurship hub at UC Irvine, where RevHubOC will have office space beginning in 2021, with access to over 100,000 square feet of event space, meeting rooms and entrepreneurial energy. RevHubOC’s social enterprise incubator is being built within Applied Innovation’s existing Wayfinder incubator, accessing and building upon its existing mentor networks and programs.

UCI Livable Cities Lab (LCL)

The LCL has vast expertise in community and urban development and access to other UCI resources, such as the School of Education and the Center for Real Estate. Part of the School of Social Ecology, the LCL provides a pipeline of social ventures for RevHub through engagement with students, faculty and alumni.



Orange County’s nonprofit resource center, OneOC serves as our fiscal sponsor and provides access and connection to the nonprofit ecosystem in Orange County.

Orange County Community Foundation

Ranking in the top 1 percent in grantmaking among 780 U.S. community foundations, OCCF manages donor advised funds and supports a broad range of community-building initiatives. RevHubOC partners with OCCF to create social enterprise awareness among donors and to generate a pipeline of social venture deal flow. 


NorthSTAR OC (Systems to Access Resources) Collaborative

In 2022, RevHub, convened partners from diverse disciplines and backgounds to establish the NorthSTAR (Systems To Access Resources) OC Collaborative as a mechanism to amplify the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Orange County. This ecosystem is designed to illuminate pathways and eliminate barriers to entrepreneurship for under-represented and under-resourced communities.

NorthSTAR Collaborative Partners

OC Hunger Alliance Partners

Be part of our Impact Ecosystem.

Be part of our Impact Ecosystem.

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