The RevHub Ecosystem

Crafting successful ventures that provide exceptional market value and also have lasting impact on our world requires two things: entrepreneurs with big world-changing ideas and a supportive innovation ecosystem.
As the central HUB of the innovation ecosystem, we bring together:

Impact Entrepreneurs

Mission-driven entrepreneurs committed to solving social and environmental challenges through innovative, scalable businesses


Community members, government agencies, research institutions, businesses, and non-profits who need solutions to urgent problems

Expert Advisors

Professionals with specialized knowledge, experience, and social capital to assess and accelerate impact and scale

Impact Investors

Financiers who prioritize social and environmental impact alongside financial returns, supporting ventures that drive positive change

Our programs are designed to maximize venture effectiveness, impact, and scale along every step of the entrepreneurial journey.

Incubating Impact Startups

Creating the conditions for impact-driven ventures to solve our world’s most pressing social and environmental problems demands expert guidance, tools, and evidence-based best practices. 

Our incubation programs offer entrepreneurs:

  • Intellectual Capital | Evidence-based best practices
  • Social Capital | Coaching from industry experts + access to expansive industry networks
  • Financial Capital | Access to early-stage, non-dilutive capital


Path 1: Learn 

Tailored for those with an idea and a vision, this self-guided online course (in partnership with California State University Fullerton) takes genius ideas and uncovers how to transform them into viable social impact ventures. 

Path 2: Ignite 

Designed for early-stage businesses, this intensive 8-week program allows idea-stage social enterprises to validate and test assumptions, paving the way for application to the RevHub Incubator. 

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Social Innovation Incubator

RevHub’s Social Innovation Incubator helps entrepreneurs develop scalable, sustainable ventures. It provides early-stage ventures with the support and resources you need to build, launch, and grow. 

Our incubator illuminates clear pathways, shares comprehensive resources, and offers individualized, holistic support as you develop and refine your venture—enabling your genius to reach its full potential.

Climate Action Business Incubator (CABI)

RevHub’s CABI (Climate Action Business Incubator) accelerates climate action innovation. With a dedicated focus on mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change, innovators can commercialize their solutions and technologies as impact ventures.

In partnership with the University of California Irvine (UCI) and Sustain SoCal, this pioneering business incubator supports early-stage, climate-focused innovators by providing resources, mentorship, funding, and access to robust research and state-of-the-art development facilities.

Building Community

As the lead convener of community leaders, agencies, industry experts, and funders, we illuminate pathways and eliminate barriers to entrepreneurship for all individuals – regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, or experience level –  to reach social and economic upward mobility for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

This “no-wrong-door” approach culminates in our NorthSTAR (Systems To Access Resources) initiative. 

Funding Impact

RevFund is our impact-first seed fund investing in for-profit, scalable social enterprises. It accelerates their potential for scalable global impact. 

RevFund is dedicated to:

  • Evaluating/de-risking investments
  • Oversight + impact measurement
  • Generating deal-flow
  • Re-investment in social enterprise
  • Maximize return on investment + return on impact

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