A thriving social enterprise ecosystem needs a diverse group of advisors, partners, and champions so we can create conditions for entrepreneurs to solve our world’s biggest challenges. 

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RevHub Advisors

Your Experience Matters.

RebHub’s advisors are accomplished experts with diverse business and professional backgrounds. Due to their wealth of experience, advisors provide invaluable guidance, insights, and mentorship to empower and catalyze social entrepreneurial success. 

Advisors further the social enterprise movement by volunteering their years of experience and expertise to accelerate startup efficiency and growth. 

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Advisor Types

Innovation Advisor

  • “General advisor” 
  • Called on an “as-needed” basis
  • One-on-one coaching sessions

Guest Speaker

  • Panelist 
  • Workshops/webinars
  • Interviews 

Content Developer

  • Create content based on expertise 
  • Lead discussions + presentations 
  • Contracted work

Subject Matter Expert

  • Support ventures with a particular issue 
  • May require additional coaching sessions
  • Requires in-depth knowledge of subject matter concepts


  • Support ventures in our Innovation Incubator Program 
  • 6-month commitment 
  • Match selection based on expertise, experience, and network (social capital)


Our Partners Make Entrepreneurialism Happen.

Recognizing that entrepreneurial success can’t be achieved in a vacuum, RevHub has built public, private, and philanthropic partners from every impact sector to accelerate entrepreneurial success. 

Our ecosystem partners provide the access, knowledge, and capital needed to quickly build and scale startup ventures. 

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Advocating Social Impact

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A thriving social enterprise ecosystem depends on a community of champions – vital advocates who actively engage through social media, newsletters, and events. They help produce positive change and promote the belief that entrepreneurship is a powerful solution to many of our biggest challenges.

This community of believers is aware of the challenges and successes of social entrepreneurs, and is ready to make connections and spread the word about the social enterprise movement.  

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