Impact Entrepreneurs

As an impact entrepreneur, you are the lifeblood of the social enterprise movement. Our two-fold objective is:

1. Illuminate your path through the entrepreneurial journey – from inspiration to ideation to incubation.

2. Eliminate whatever barriers are in your way so that ANYONE can make a positive impact for people and planet. 

Inspiration + Ideation

Inspiring entrepreneurial belief in our community

The NorthSTAR (Systems To Access Resources) Collaborative creates a “no wrong door” approach where all, regardless of background or experience, can make significant progress along their entrepreneurial journeys. 

From side hustles growing into full-time businesses, to small businesses wanting to scale, to someone who has never considered entrepreneurship an option–and everything in between–we can illuminate a pathway that fits your needs.

Ideation Path 1: "Spark Impact"


The Spark Impact program is a dynamic program designed to cultivate entrepreneurs’ creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and business acumen, providing them with the essential tools to turn their groundbreaking ideas into successful ventures.Upon completing the program, you will:

  • Explore Problems – Explore current societalchallenges and gain insights into their root causes and broader implications.
  • Understand Ecosystems – Gain understanding of the complex issues that affect local and global communities. 


  • Brainstorm Solutions – Generate innovative solutions and assess their potential impact on various stakeholders.
  • Sketch a Plan – Create a simplified version of your idea and turn it into actionable steps towards a successful and validated product.

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For program dates and details and to speak with a RevHub Navigator complete our interest form by clicking the button below. 

Ideation Path 2:
"Ignite Impact"

Designed for early-stage businesses who want to develop their social impact ideas, test assumptions, and prepare for incubation, this guided 12-week program equips entrepreneurs with the tools and concepts they need to navigate the nuance and strategy of social enterprise.

Upon completing the program, you will:

  • Identify business opportunities for growth and improvement to maximize revenue potential.
  • Assess strategy, identify gaps, and learn about potential business risks.
  • Explore fundraising options that can help in launching a business
  • Uncover hidden insights and adapt swiftly to change.
  • Master the various components of building and scaling social impact ventures.
  • Effectively communicate your value proposition and impact story.
  • Pave the way for application to the RevHub Incubator.
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Social Enterprise Incubators

Social Innovation Incubator

Successfully taking your social impact startup from the idea and pre-seed stages into the launch and growth stages is a team effort. Our 6-month Social Innovation Incubator helps entrepreneurs develop scalable, sustainable ventures intended to address our world’s biggest challenges – emphasizing health equity and climate action –  while supporting founders as an entrepreneur AND as an individual. 

Throughout the incubation process, you will gain: 

  • Intellectual Capital | Evidence-based best practices for starting and growing impact- and investment-ready businesses.

  • Social Capital |  Leverage a robust social enterprise ecosystem supported by industry experts/advisors.

  • Financial Capital |  Eliminate financial barriers for early-stage startups (especially for under-represented communities) to access non-dilutive capital necessary to launch. 

Climate Action Business Incubator

Incubated companies focus on climate innovations emphasizing adaptation and resilience to the effects of climate change. We then support early-stage, climate-focused entrepreneurs by providing resources, mentorship, funding, and a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, helping build sustainable, scalable businesses.

  • First cohort begins in 2024; we’re accepting applications now.
  • This includes a 6-month program designed to launch impact- and investment-ready companies. 

Become an advisor to impact entrepreneurs.

We are actively growing our network of industry experts and professionals who mentor and advise our incubated companies. 

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