We are thrilled to announce the launch of RevHub’s sixth incubation cohort, a group of visionary entrepreneurs poised to make significant impacts in their communities and beyond. RevHub is committed to fostering transformative innovations through a robust ecosystem of support, resources, and collaborative partnerships. Our new cohort exemplifies our belief in the potential of four remarkable ventures addressing critical challenges with innovative solutions.

Meet the innovators:

Agave Biosensors Ethan Devine | Founder + CEO
Agave Biosensors is revolutionizing wearable health technology. Its eco-friendly, high-performing sensors are disrupting the conventional manufacturing of synthetic biosensors to organically derived, biodegradable, biocompatible, sensors that reduce cost and environmental impact.


Humma.AI Katie Smith | Founder + CEO
Humma.AI offers a human-in-the-loop AI design that goes beyond providing culturally competent responses; it allows businesses to adapt generative AI responses to cultural contexts and align with the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of marginalized communities. Humma.AI exemplifies how technology can be leveraged for inclusive growth initiatives to “humanize” technology and promote community engagement.


IO Nanogrid AJ Perkins | Founder + CEO

IO Nanogrid offers a game-changing solution in renewable energy. Its low-cost, easy-to-install solar and battery energy systems deliver reliable electricity to remote and underserved communities. By fostering energy independence and reducing reliance on non-renewable sources, IO Nanogrid empowers communities and supports sustainable development.


Yumlish Shireen Abdullah | Founder + CEO

Yumlish is transforming the digital health landscape with its holistic, culturally informed digital nutrition therapy. It empowers individuals with chronic conditions through effective weight loss strategies that aid in A1C reduction. Abdullah’s focus on personalized, culturally relevant health solutions elevates the importance of accessible and equitable healthcare.


Our sixth cohort demonstrates our belief that innovative ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, and have the potential to change the world for good.


But we can’t do it alone! We need an active ecosystem of advisors, subject-matter experts, and investors to accelerate the success of this and future cohorts in our Social Innovation Incubators. Visit our website to learn more about our programs and how you can get involved.


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