Stephan Erkelens and Tim Shaw go to the Sorenson Impact Summit

Stephan Erkelens and Tim Shaw go to the Sorenson Impact Summit

Our co-founders, Stephan Erkelens and Tim Shaw, recently returned from the inspiring Sorenson Impact Summit held high in the Utah mountains. This annual gathering of global impact leaders, innovators, and practitioners tackles some of the world’s most pressing challenges, focusing on moving beyond sustainability towards truly regenerative ecosystems that benefit people and our planet.

The theme of the 2024 Summit resonated deeply with RevHub’s core mission. Discussions centered around creating a future of prosperity and equity, with a focus on regenerative approaches in finance, education, and more. It was a powerful validation of the work we’re doing at RevHub, as the summit’s focus aligns perfectly with our commitment to fostering social impact through groundbreaking social enterprises.

Redemption Holding Company CEO Ashley D. Bell highlighted the stark disparity in Black-owned banks only solidifies the need for efforts like RevHub’s ecosystem-building. We’re actively working to empower underrepresented founders who are tackling issues like financial inclusion head-on.

Similarly, portfolio manager Robert Harley of Stewart Investors remarked on resource depletion, underscoring the urgency of supporting ventures that promote environmental sustainability. RevHub invests in social enterprises that are developing innovative solutions to environmental challenges, contributing to a regenerative future.

The Summit’s discussions around achieving UN SDGs echoed the call for increased investment by Fran Seegull, president & CEO of U.S Impact Investing Alliance. Through RevHub’s innovative funding models, we’re actively mobilizing capital towards ventures that are driving progress on these critical global goals.

We were particularly struck by Santhosh Ramdoss, president & CEO of Gary Community Ventures, who pointed out the gap between impact investment and debt financing. At RevHub, we bridge this gap by connecting impactful ventures with the resources they need to thrive.

The energy and collaboration at the Sorenson Impact Summit were truly inspiring to us all. We’re excited to be part of this global movement towards a more regenerative future, and we’re energized to continue supporting the incredible social enterprises making a difference in the world.

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