The LGBTQIA+ community should not be confined to just a month. Here’s why

The LGBTQIA+ community should not be confined to just a month. Here’s why

June is Pride Month. But this year, rather than posting a generic “happy pride” post, we slowed down to think deeply about the importance and contribution of the LGBTQIA+ community. It seemed disingenuous to simply align ourselves with the message of Pride Month without truly examining the spirit of the movement. Our values, which emphasize equity and dignity, prevent us from coopting the lived experience of LGBTQIA+ individuals for clicks or mentions. Our commitment to a regenerative economy means not just saying we believe in equity, dignity, and the underestimated potential of underserved communities; it is driving change through intentional action. 

We’re a for-profit business. We know the power of combining capital and top talent to drive scale and ROI. So building an inclusive ecosystem that empowers all entrepreneurs, especially those facing systemic barriers, would seem antithetical to our aims UNLESS the lived experience and hard-earned mindset that marginalized communities possess are the very qualities that make exceptional social entrepreneurs. In that case, the most qualified “top talent” entrepreneurs come from overlooked and underestimated communities. Their resilience, grit, and determination has come from overcoming adversity and systemic marginalization. 


We’re committed to addressing the need for progress by investing in social enterprises led by and serving the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community by:

  • Building Bridges for Success – Our robust ecosystem provides vast financial resources, mentorship, networks, and capacity-building programs. These tools empower LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs who may have faced barriers to traditional support structures, helping them advance and grow to reach their full potential.
  • Investing In a More Equitable Future – Nurture, incubate, and scale impact-first ventures with capital investment in the earliest stages for LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs who may have faced barriers to traditional funding sources.
  • Diversifying the Ecosystem – We are proud to be shaping a stronger, more well-rounded ecosystem that includes LGBTQIA+ voices and ventures serving LGBTQIA+. 

This Pride Month, we celebrate the power of community, innovation, and social impact investing to create a brighter future for all.

Discover more about our support for marginalized communities: #RevHubCommunityEngagement

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