Company Profile: American Family Housing

Established in 1985, America Family Housing (AFH) has been in service to communities in Southern California for 32 years. AFH provides a continuum of housing and an array of services to support homeless and low-income families and adults in securing a stable home, becoming an active part of their community, and achieving a self-sustaining way of life.

AFH Social-Benefit Real Estate Investment Fund is a social enterprise start-up launched by AFH as a private capital investment fund. This fund is designed to attract socially minded investors and create a sustainable pool of capital for acquiring properties on an ad hoc basis. Upon securing these properties, AFH employs its proven methods, already-available tools, and astute expertise to convert them into supportive housing. This model permits AFH and its partners to compete directly against real estate investors while bypassing the complex barriers and dynamics that come with using traditional public funds.


  • Manages both housing and housing services under one roof

  • Designed to appease neighbor opposition and tenant-rights advocates

  • Uniquely equipped as a mature operator of small-scale affordable housing.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated from rent and appreciation of acquired properties.

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