Company Profile: Journeymxn

Journeymxn is an outcome-focused, SaaS-based social enterprise for syncing high school students with beneficial community college programs. Its engagement tool matches student interests with professional career certificate programs leading to lifelong, gainful employment; it also bridges the gap between available staff and current methods to engage and direct students about professional career pathways available at community colleges.


  • Focuses on conclusive certificate programs instead of transfers to four-year colleges

  • Establishes a clear connection between programs and outcomes for both the student and school

  • Engages and provides a self-directed tool for students, offsetting the sheer volume of students-to-career/academic advisors available.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through subscription-based and/or outcome-based fees for use, paid by community colleges from allotted budgets for career/academic exploration and workforce development.

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