Company Profile: Oneboard

Oneboard is a social enterprise offering a scalable content creation platform designed to improve remote education for all. It utilizes real-time whiteboards to make online learning more engaging, effective, and accessible, providing a classroom-like virtual setting for individuals to teach and actively learn in. Participants connect through voice or real-time chat, and can even visit each other’s work through the shareable, social media-like whiteboard drive. Everything on the whiteboard happens in real time; everyone’s work can be accessed anytime in the future.


  • Utilizes unique streaming technology

  • Provides an integrated social network

  • Includes a proprietary recording format.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated via individual and group models:

  • Freemium Model: $5/individual user/month (>5 boards, >3 sessions)

  • Enterprise Model: $2/10+ users/month (>5 boards, >3 sessions, private network).

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