Company Profile: Peace Literacy Institute (PLI)

As an educational social enterprise, the Peace Literacy Institute advocates that peace is an active set of skills and capacities necessary to be trained and practiced. It designs educational curriculum available online, in print, and in Virtual Reality spaces—all available for free—to support the teaching and development of Peace Literacy. In addition to children’s education, PLI also educates adult influencers through a train-the-trainers model with the intention of creating peace-making individuals who, in turn, can create a world truly at peace.


  • Anticipates impending VR ubiquity and its relation to trauma

  • Offers curricular materials for pre-K through adult education

  • Goes beyond “mindfulness” to delve into the roots of the issues

  • Utilizes VR and exclusive spatio-allegorical pedagogy to permit students and educators to collaborate.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through:

  • Fee-based professional development training offered on-line and in VR spaces

  • Consulting fees and fee-based diagnostic services.

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