OC Social Enterprise Incubator Funds UCI Competition for New Ventures

Social entrepreneurship advocate RevHubOC practices its ethos by announcing sponsorship of a business competition for the UCI Paul Merage School of Business.

Orange County, CA, September 2020 | Orange County-based RevHubOC merges entrepreneurial for-profit ventures with non-profit sustainability both at home and around the globe. This mission dovetails with the objective of the Stella Zhang New Venture Competition, which allows participants to compete in an advanced seven-month span while pursuing the ins and outs of creating a business venture. RevHubOC has agreed to sponsor the competition in a dual effort to encourage local entrepreneurship and publicize its social enterprise ambitions.

Hosted by the University of California in Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business, the competition permits students, staff, researchers, and community members to participate. Prizes include professional services and $100,000 in cash.

RevHubOC is a collaborative ecosystem of like-minded individuals where both founders and funders are able to accelerate the impact of nascent social enterprises. As a supporter of the UCI venture competition, it seeks to continue shaping the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Orange County.

“OC is an emerging sector and economic driver, spawning new jobs where potential millions are being employed to benefit society, the environment, and other valuable causes,” says RevHubOC President and CEO Stephan Erkelens. “Local foundations, churches, corporations, universities, and the OC public sector all encourage innovation here.”

“Plus, innovation and social enterprise hubs thrive within an integrated, streamlined ecosystem,” Erkelens adds. “OC is less complex than its neighbors.”

A long-time innovator of the coffee industry, Erkelens co-founded RevHubOC with the support of other seasoned professionals who have a proven track record in charitable giving, business, finance, and social enterprise. Compelled by a unified vision, the group strives to create a better mechanism to fund and sustain social enterprises both at home and around the world. The Stella Zhang New Venture Competition is an ideal vehicle for these advancements.

About RevHubOC |
RevHubOC is coalescing Orange County’s social enterprise ecosystem for greater innovation and impact. Founded in 2019, RevHubOC is a community of investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners that assists in incubating, mentoring, and funding social enterprises to solve global challenges. This ecosystem is designed to illuminate pathways and eliminate barriers to entrepreneurship for under-represented and under-resourced communities, bringing together comprehensive resources to provide people what they need to explore and develop new business ideas.


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