RevHub Hires Bracy Fuentes as Ideation Navigator for Early-Stage Startup Support

Ideation Navigator Bracy Fuentes joins RevHub to advance efforts in social enterprise growth.

Irvine, CA, September 2023 | Social enterprise incubator RevHub is announcing a new hire tasked with leading its ideation programs. Bracy Fuentes will also be advancing RevHub’s mission to build the social enterprise ecosystem, illuminating pathways to social entrepreneurship throughout Orange County.

Prior to RevHub, Fuentes served as Head of Projects & Programs at JustWorld International – a nonprofit funding education, healthcare, and nutritional programs in impoverished communities. In addition, she has facilitated an online learning community for entrepreneurs, supported K-12 teachers across Los Angeles with implementing an entrepreneurship curriculum, and helped minority entrepreneurs accelerate their startup ventures.

Passionate for using and sharing business resources to change the world, Fuentes has also taught at the Entrepreneur Academy of California State University, and she is the Chairwoman of #LatinaGeeks, a business-forward nonprofit that educates and empowers Latinas. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics from California State University, LA, and an MA in Social Entrepreneurship from USC.

RevHub President and CEO Stephan Erkelens is building organizational capacity with dedicated positions, such as the role of ideation navigator, to shape the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Orange County. This sets the precedent for the rest of the state, the nation, and eventually the world at large.

“There are potentially millions of would-be entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas but lack the tools and resources they need to take the next step along their journey, and so they never take off,” says Erkelens. “Imagine the benefit to society, the environment, and the economy if we could just get these geniuses – many of whom come from disinvested communities – the guidance and personalized coaching they need to create thousands of businesses, especially businesses that have a central mission or purpose beyond just profit. Everyone wins.”

He continues, “This hire constitutes another significant step in our vision to making entrepreneurship a reality for many more individuals.”

Erkelens co-founded RevHub with the support of other seasoned professionals who have a proven track record in charitable giving, business, finance, and social enterprise. Compelled by a unified vision, the group strives to create a better mechanism to fund and sustain social enterprises both at home and around the world. With the help of navigators like Fuentes, RevHub has become a collaborative ecosystem of like-minded individuals where both founders and funders are able to accelerate the impact of nascent social enterprises.

About RevHub |
Founded in 2019, RevHub is a community of investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners which has incubated 23 social enterprises and established RevHubOC Social Innovation Fund, Orange County’s first social impact investment fund (RevFund I). In 2022, RevHub joined several partners in establishing the NorthSTAR (Systems To Access Resources) OC Collaborative to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Orange County. Most recently, RevHub has announced its development of Orange County’s first Climate Action Business Incubator (CABI). For more information, please visit




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