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Join us in creating a better world through profitable impact investments in cutting-edge ClimateTech and Human Equity startups with RevFund – where purpose meets profit.


Investment Strategy Overview

RevFund is a $5M seed fund that invests in for-profit, scalable social enterprises with the potential for immediate impact in Orange County, CA, and long-term impact across the US and globally. The fund focuses on two sectors: ClimateTech and Human Equity.

Target Initial
$50 – 100k

Investment Framework + Terms​

  • Reserve for follow-on: As appropriate
  • Maximum total investment: $1M
  • Structure: Convertible note
  • Lead preferred
  • Co-investment rights secured
  • Term: 10 years + 2 one-year extension options

Fund Purpose

RevFund is committed to supporting missions for social good. The fund uses a combination of traditional investment capital and venture philanthropy to invest in for-profit, early-stage startups with a double bottom line for purpose and profit.

RevFund has a deep commitment to creating social impact and promoting missions for the greater good. The fund believes in a unique approach that blends traditional investment capital with venture philanthropy to invest in early-stage startups that have a double bottom line for both purpose and profit.

At RevFund, we understand that profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive. Our investment strategy focuses on for-profit, scalable social enterprises that have the potential to create positive impact in Orange County, CA, and beyond. We seek out companies with innovative ideas and a strong mission to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges in the areas of ClimateTech and Human Equity.

We believe that investing in early-stage companies that prioritize social and environmental impact can bring about significant change and drive positive outcomes in our communities. Our team is dedicated to providing more than just capital to our portfolio companies. We leverage our extensive network and expertise to support our founders in achieving their goals and maximizing their impact.

Our approach to investing involves providing strategic support, mentorship, and access to resources, as well as capital. We believe that this comprehensive approach can create sustainable and impactful outcomes for our portfolio companies and the communities they serve.

At RevFund, we are passionate about our mission to support social good and are committed to providing our investors with the opportunity to make a difference while generating financial returns. We offer a range of investment vehicles, including traditional investment, charitable giving, and recoverable grant vehicles, to ensure that our investors can choose how to invest based on their values and goals. 


Investment Focus

RevFund’s investment focus is on two sectors: ClimateTech and Human Equity. The fund prefers to invest in early-stage startups and targets companies with a potential for immediate impact in Orange County, CA, and long-term impact globally.

Human Equity

Companies that solve equity problems by removing differences among groups of people, whether those groups are defined socially, economically, demographically, or geographically.


 Companies that address energy, built environment, agriculture and land use, resource efficiency, CHG capture, removal, and storage, and climate change management.

Investment Stages

Our investment strategy focuses on early-stage seed and Series A funding. 

Seed stage funding is typically the first round of startup capital used to validate the concept and develop a minimum viable product. 

Series A funding is the next stage of financing used to scale a business and expand operations.

Investing in early-stage startups provides the opportunity to “get in on the ground floor” of promising companies, propelling growth. With the necessary capital and resources that RevHub provides help these enterprises achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Furthermore, a key driver in our investment strategy is to favor immediate impact in Orange County, CA, and long-term global impact, contributing to local and global economic development.

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Our Partners



RevFund is unique in its approach as it provides more than just investment capital to its portfolio companies.  RevFund is committed to being a partner, protecting impact missions to ensure long term success.  Revfund leverages its parent company, RevHubOC, to offer valuable connections to its founders and runs a social impact incubator for sustainable and scalable for-profit businesses.  RevFund also adds value to its portfolio companies by offering access to its network of contacts, resources beyond capital investment, and support to help the companies succeed.

Invest for Impact

RevFund is committed to supporting social good and invites potential investors to learn more about the fund and how to get involved. Interested parties can contact the fund to obtain more information or discuss possible investment opportunities.

Invest with RevHub

Contact us to learn more about the many ways that your investment can be leveraged to fund impact. 


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