Company Profile: Learn Collaborate

Learn Collaborate (LC) is a project collaboration and management social enterprise serving as an online community for young women ages 14-26. It’s the most accessible and sustainable workforce development platform aimed at cultivating emerging female talent long-term. Features include peer-to-peer collaboration, project management, professional mentorship, and portfolio-building. The platform offers a holistic, real-world solution to career development, and helps users develop 21st-century skills while creating diverse projects and portfolios. LC also connects users with industry professionals who provide mentorship, critiques, and recommendations and builds a bridge between users desiring to explore various job sectors and companies looking to cultivate new talent.


  • Online community for emerging female talent ages 14-26

  • Social networking platform for users to present their portfolios

  • Allows users to team up on projects and secure professional mentorship.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through:

  • Monthly freemium models for individual users

  • Annual enterprise subscriptions for corporations

  • Annual subscriptions (per license) for academic institutions and youth-based organizations.

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