Company Profile: FlickPower

FlickPower is the social enterprise behind Flick, a light switch that helps energy customers make the switch to clean energy and lower utility bills. The device provides color-coded signals, encouraging customers to change behavior based on energy prices, carbon emissions, or availability of renewable energy. As utilities move towards rates and tariffs based on time of day, Flick empowers customers to lower energy bills and reliance on expensive and carbon-intensive “peak” energy. It is the product of ~400 previous technologies and utility trials proven to improve customer response to rates and tariffs based on time.


  • Patented, installed solution created by a utility veteran

  • Runs 24/7 and guarantees signals reach the actual energy users

  • Can be deployed to target specific user demographics.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through:

  • Device sales

  • Ancillary subscription revenues from utilities, energy savings companies, and end users.

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