Company Profile: Circular

Circular is a social enterprise dedicated to reversing the climate crisis and food insecurity via one elegant system: the Circular Solution. This process recovers food waste, converts it to organic fertilizer and insect protein, grows organic produce, and then feeds the world with healthy, regenerated food. Circular represents a paradigm shift, using AI and automation to harness natural biological, bacterial, and fungal processes. Aligning with nine of the UN Sustainable Development goals, Circular proves climate action is just good business. Circular’s ultimate goal is to complete the Perfect Circle: forming a regenerative economy that heals our planet, our soil, and our people.


  • Scalable to every urban and suburban environment

  • Provides profitable, high-demand products with strong growth

  • Sustainable, long-term solution to organic waste, climate change, and food security problems

  • Donates one fresh, organic meal to the food-insecure for every 10 pounds of recovered waste.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through:

  • Carbon credit generation and tracking

  • Sales of organic soil bio-amendment and insect protein

  • Education, consulting, and sustainability implementation for businesses, organizations, and governments

  • Eventual sales of regenerative organic produce, and distribution sales of partnered regenerative organic food products.

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