Company Profile: Nutripair

Nutripair, a tech-enabled social enterprise, is focused on public health and wellness while it is also committed to pairing users with personalized nutrition solutions. To address the inability of most users to maintain an optimal diet while satisfying their budget, health, and taste preferences, Nutripair has created a mobile application that generates tailored nutrition solutions in the form of localized, medically focused grocery lists. It also offers cashback possibilities as incentivization for long-term user retention. This approach causes a direct impact in decreasing food insecurity within populations at high risk of compromised health.


  • Benefits users from various socioeconomic backgrounds

  • Provides hyper-personalized, on-the-go nutrition solutions

  • Mitigates the future of America’s food-originating epidemic.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through:

  • Advertiser fees on the app

  • Monthly affiliate commissions

  • Monthly subscriptions to the app.

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