Company Profile: Plastic2Food

Plastic2Food is a student-run social enterprise that uses styrofoam waste to help communities safely and economically grow food. Since hydroponic and aquaponic companies struggle to find affordable, sustainable fertilizers for their farms, Plastic2Food uses a natural process to transform degraded plastics into one of the most sustainable and effective hydroponic fertilizers, then offers it at a competitive price. The company also endeavors to increase the amount of plastic that cities can recycle, simultaneously offering solutions for both plastic waste management and food insecurity.


  • Harnesses the ability of mealworms, fungi, and bacteria to break down plastics

  • Addresses plastic waste management and food insecurity

  • Utilizes a natural biodegradation process.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through:

  • Payments for relieving landfills, landlords, and apartment owners from plastic waste

  • Rental of lab/garden/office facilities for events and filmmakers

  • Sales of fertilizers and some grown food.

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