Company Profile: Pocket CFO

PocketCFO is a mobile-first social enterprise that offers a user-friendly financial intelligence platform with automated cash-flow forecasts, scenario planning, and financial analysis. Designed to help local businessowners make informed business decisions, the PocketCFO platform seamlessly integrates with any company’s key financial management systems to generate real-time data, analyses, and corrective action. This technology empowers business success while saving businesses thousands of dollars annually in time and expense. PocketCFO is committed to developing programs for minority and women founders to ensure its user base is as diverse as its workforce.


  • Presents a quick, easy way to calculate cash-flows for businesses

  • Smoothly integrates with other systems, unlike its siloed competitors

  • Uses a proprietary algorithm based on seven behavior-based areas of business to generate a real-time financial health score

  • Employs the PocketInsights engine, which protects users by identifying areas of focus while providing corrective action to improve financial performance.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through a SaaS-based model with a tiered pricing approach. The platform has been built with company growth in mind, allowing companies to add integrations as needed, resulting in additional charges monthly to PocketCFO.

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