Company Profile: Recreate Energy

Supported by energy technology, Recreate Energy is a social enterprise that grows its own gasoline. It turns microalgae into crude oil by using proprietary growing systems with an advanced conversion method, resulting in cheap, clean gas that is compatible with traditional fossil fuel. Created as a way to innovate traditional energy markets, Recreate Energy solves the growing need for powering local transport vehicles and vessels by changing how consumers obtain fuel, instead of altering how they use it.


  • Supplies a cheaper, renewable alternative to traditional fossil fuel

  • Creates algal biofuel through proprietary growing systems

  • Supports energy reinvention over replacement of current infrastructure.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through:

  • Sales of refined fuels to the shipping, aviation, and auto industries

  • Sales of high-value co-products such as dye, polyurethanes, etc.

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