Company Profile: StoryBolt

StoryBolt is a social enterprise platform that connects organizations to authentic stories and storytellers (currently, documentary filmmakers) for the creation of an inclusive workplace. Through a network of 4,100+ filmmakers from 112 countries, StoryBolt enables immersive and interactive learning via impactful DEI conversations around award-winning short documentaries. Each virtual session includes a short documentary screening followed by a live Q&A with the filmmaker, open conversation, interactive activities, and an impact report. The open conversations with storytellers about real stories inspire a sustainable, inclusive culture by unpacking biases around the gender gap, racial injustice, mental health, and many other key social topics.


  • Multi-method impact measurement

  • Large trove of interactive learning activities

  • Extensive, internationally diverse community of filmmakers

  • Science-based interactive learning (StoryBolt’s MPathi model)

  • Established partnerships with many film festivals as content partners

  • Drag-and-drop session/event design platform for HR and ERG leaders

  • Archive of 100+ session/event templates on 26 organizational culture topics

  • Automated system that matches an organization’s needs with top-selected stories and activities.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through credit-based subscription access (like an Audible for B2B) to book a series of sessions.

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