Company Profile: Spaceflare

Spaceflare is a social enterprise that aims to accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies in the built world. Operating on the belief that real estate space will play a pivotal role in supplying electricity to the cities of the future, Spaceflare offers a simple, fast solution for renting out unused roof, parking, and building spaces to host clean energy technologies. Its AI-powered software helps commercial building owners simultaneously earn rental income and meet environmental goals; it automates energy and property data collection while processing and enabling faster, more competitive rental offer collection. This delivers value from data and automation to take action faster and streamline the deployment of clean energy.


  • Faster energy and real estate data collection and processing

  • Automated EPCs proposal generation for more accurate rental offer collection

  • All-in-one platform for launching clean energy projects, tracking progress, streamlining energy tenant monitoring, and consolidating utility bills.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through:

  • Fee collection from energy providers when successfully placing a rental offer

  • Fee collection each time a tenant pays a new utility bill through the platform

  • A SaaS-based model with a tiered pricing approach for managing projects and monitoring energy tenants.

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