Company Profile: Shoonya Digital

Shoonya Digital is a social enterprise that teaches the foundation of language development through lessons designed to familiarize children with alphabets, pronunciation, and theme-based vocabulary. Award-winning and kid-safe, Shoonya lets children explore five languages in a single app through immersive, bite-sized activities and culturally diverse characters. 

What makes Shoonya’s positioning in the digital language learning market unique is its emphasis on cultural representation and inclusivity in the world it creates for children. The hallmark of Shoonya’s brand is its engaging, tactile, game-based, and immersive experience, while its model provides improved access to quality education for children around the globe at one low subscription price—making Shoonya a one-stop platform for language learning.


  • Unique multilingual platform can easily scale to accommodate new languages

  • Montessori-inspired learning modules allow children to explore immersive, game-based content while learning about international cultures

  • Emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion presents a competitive advantage over companies like Duolingo that only focus on language acquisition.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through app store sales with a subscription-based model.

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