Company Profile: Petrostik

Prenostik is a social impact enterprise on a mission to help students learn more effectively. Through the development of a machine learning-powered, chatbot-enabled, and scalable Student Learning Dashboard (SLD), Prenostik serves as a virtual copilot during a student’s learning journey. This software tool delivers targeted, personalized, and real-time actionable assistance that improves retention and graduation rates. It holistically identifies every student’s unique learning motivation challenges (subject difficulty, relevance to career goals, social and economic constraints, etc.) and provides specific recommendations to overcome these barriers. By coaching on how to learn effectively by fostering a growth mindset, grit, and agency, Prenostik helps students become successful lifelong learners and prepares them for the continuous evolution of future workforce demands.


  • Understands each student’s unique learning motivation for effective guidance

  • Helps students learn more effectively during the learning journey, not afterward

  • Integrates with the Learning Management System (LMS) for learning pattern analysis

  • Adaptable to in-person, flipped/hybrid, remote, synchronous, or asynchronous instruction formats.

Revenue Model

Revenue is generated through a B2B software-as-a-service model that targets educational institutions.

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