Social Enterprise Incubator Announces Investment in Climate-Tech Venture – FlickPower

Social Enterprise Incubator Announces Investment in Climate-Tech Venture – FlickPower

RevHubOC, a social entrepreneurship advocate operating in Orange County, extends its vision by investing in FlickPower, a climate-tech venture incubated within a recent cohort.

Orange County, CA, November 2022 | FlickPower is the social enterprise behind Flick, a light switch that helps energy customers make the switch to clean energy and lower utility bills. This climate-tech venture is also the new recipient of financial support from social enterprise incubator RevHubOC after completing the incubator’s rigorous venture-shaping program.

The Flick device provides color-coded signals, encouraging customers to change behavior based on energy prices, carbon emissions, or availability of renewable energy. As utilities move towards rates and tariffs based on time of day, Flick empowers customers to lower energy bills and reliance on expensive and carbon-intensive “peak” energy.

As a community of investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners, RevHubOC merges entrepreneurial for-profit ventures with non-profit sustainability. FlickPower’s advanced approach closely aligns with RevHubOC’s vision for social entrepreneurs in Orange County and beyond.

In addition to sponsoring FlickPower’s mission, RevHubOC’s President and CEO Stephan Erkelens is focusing RevHubOC’s efforts on shaping the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Orange County with the intention of gaining momentum throughout the state, eventually reaching national and international scale.

“OC is an emerging sector and economic driver, spawning new jobs where potential millions are being employed to benefit society, the environment, and other valuable causes,” says Erkelens. “Local foundations, churches, corporations, universities, and the OC public sector all encourage innovation here.”

Erkelens co-founded RevHubOC with the support of other seasoned professionals who have a proven track record in charitable giving, business, finance, and social enterprise. Compelled by a unified vision, the group strives to create a better mechanism to fund and sustain social enterprises both at home and around the world. They intend RevHubOC to become a collaborative ecosystem of like-minded innovators such as FlickPower, where both founders and funders are able to accelerate the impact of nascent social enterprises.

About RevHubOC |
RevHub is coalescing Orange County’s social enterprise ecosystem for greater innovation and impact. Founded in 2019, RevHub is a community of investors, entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners which has incubated 23 social enterprises and established RevFund I, Orange County’s first social impact investment fund.


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