New RevHub Investment: Ecodrive Commercializes Mangroves Growth to Address Climate Change

New RevHub Investment: Ecodrive Commercializes Mangroves Growth to Address Climate Change

RevHub’s Social Innovation Fund, RevFund, announces investment in Ecodrive, a clean technology venture helping offset carbon emissions through sponsored carbon sequestration efforts. RevHub is dedicated to investing in “impact-first” companies who are creating groundbreaking solutions for global challenges, and Ecodrive’s blend of clean technology and e-commerce as an innovative remedy for the international climate change crisis makes them a compelling extension of RevHub’s vision.

The Challenge: Unbridled Carbon Emissions Threaten Our Future

The Earth experienced the warmest decade in history between 2010 and 2019. This escalation of temperatures is largely attributed to heightened carbon emissions caused by a swelling global population. If damaging carbon emissions continue to grow undeterred, average global temperatures are expected to rise, negatively impacting living conditions around the world.

The Innovation: Sponsored Carbon Sequestration

Mangrove trees boast extremely high carbon absorption rates—mangroves are capable of removing 680 pounds of carbon dioxide per lifespan—which makes the species one of the most effective nature-based tools in the world for carbon sequestration. Operating with this knowledge, Ecodrive secured a dedicated plot of land in Madagascar where the company implements its carbon-reducing solution by planting native mangroves. Ecodrive commercializes its carbon sequestration strategy via a digital portal that allows individuals to sponsor the planting of geolocated and verified mangroves. Since brands who support tree-planting efforts see an average increased customer conversion rate of 17%, Ecodrive markets its portal towards e-commerce businesses that can opt to “rent” the portal monthly. The portal integrates across platforms like Shopify while connecting businesses to a resource center offering ROI strategies and assets.

Basis for RevHub’s Investment: The public is demanding solutions to the climate change crisis with increasing intensity, and RevHub is committed to investing in early-stage enterprises that have significant potential to scale both profitability and impact. Ecodrive offers a novel way to integrate environmental responsibility into business operations for companies wanting to meet consumer demand for sustainable practices and positive impact. Simultaneously, the venture provides individuals with a simple, cost-effective method of reducing carbon emissions in our planet. 

Early-stage investment in Ecodrive underscores our commitment to propel ventures deploying clean technologies as drivers of impact and revenue while providing the financial backing necessary to ensure their mission does not become diluted by funding needs,” says RevHub President and CEO Stephan Erkelens. “Ecodrive’s impact-first business model illustrates the positive power of entrepreneurial thinking to identify issues affecting our climate and society as market opportunities, and thus can leverage profits to have a greater impact at scale.”

Ecodrive has earned the trust of over 250 brands and, in 2023, announced the expansion of its tree-planting operations into Kenya. Supported by RevHub and other partners, Ecodrive is poised to solidify its efforts in becoming a household brand for modern consumers everywhere.

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