New RevHub Investment: MyRuck’s AI-Driven HR Software For Veterans and Military Connected Families

New RevHub Investment: MyRuck’s AI-Driven HR Software For Veterans and Military Connected Families

Bridging the Health Equity Gap Between Defense and Civilian Workforces

RevHub’s Social Innovation Fund, RevFund, announces investment in MyRuck, an AI-powered software developer that promotes health equity while streamlining hiring relationships between the defense sector and civilian companies. A proponent of “impact-first” ventures eager to address major social issues with forward-thinking solutions, RevHub closely aligns its mission with MyRuck’s innovation of AI technology as a means of dissolving inequities for military-connected employees.

The Challenge: Health Inequity Plagues Military Communities

Military-connected employees seeking to join the public or private sectors often face a road fraught with crippling complications, which discourages military-connected employees and dissuades civilian companies from considering veteran employment. These complexities are tied to high rates of unemployment, homelessness, and even suicide amongst veterans and other members of the military community. 

The Innovation: HR Software Designed for Military and Veterans

Organizations that hire veterans may be eligible for significant tax credits, in some cases amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings. Veterans and professionals Vic Hill and Brad Clark co-founded MyRuck, the first automated HR software exclusively for military and veterans, to address the complexity of navigating military benefits in civilian business operations, while also enhancing the recruitment, onboarding, and retention of military-connected individuals. 

MyRuck integrates seamlessly with existing HR platforms and runs over nine billion eligibility scenarios, generating benefit offerings customized to individual veterans and military families and ranging from health and disability to home loan and professional training programs. Named after the military-issued Rucksack, the platform allows users to activate an AI-powered “arsenal” including translation of military resumes into civilian vocabulary, enhanced 24/7 customer support, and accurate benefits scenario generation across federal, state, and local systems.

Basis for RevHub’s Investment: The mutual opportunity for military-connected employees and civilian companies is impeded by a chasm of inefficiencies, preventing both from taking advantage of the enormous value available. MyRuck’s AI-driven approach builds a bridge between defense and civilian workforces, minimizing health inequity for military-connected employees while providing reduced business costs, improved ROI, and enhanced hiring opportunities for organizations within the private and public sectors. MyRuck’s clear market opportunity and strong potential to scale both profit and impact make the venture a solid fit for RevHub’s investment philosophy. 

“Our early-stage investment in MyRuck aligns nicely with RevHub’s mission to mobilize ventures seeking creative answers to pressing social issues like health inequity, while also providing the financial reinforcement necessary to drive them forward unencumbered by funding demands,” states RevHub President and CEO Stephan Erkelens. “MyRuck’s first-of-its-kind approach is itself a symbol of the groundbreaking potential entrepreneurs may discover when they see social challenges as market opportunities, leveraging profits to have a greater impact at scale.”

MyRuck has been integrated within several major platforms, including ADP, Workday, and Intuit Quickbooks, and is now in collaboration with several other partners in addition to RevHub. This wave of growing support places MyRuck in a position to further extend its reach across sectors while continuing to enrich the lives of those affiliated with the military community.

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